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Sprinklr provides social media marketing, social advertising, content management, collaboration, advocacy and social media monitoring for large brands. Their blog highlights power users of the platforms.

At Forbes, I led the team’s daily efforts managing multiple platforms with millions of followers. I relied on Sprinklr for planning, monitoring and analytics.

Photo by Bridget Badore for Planoly x The Style Line

Photo by Bridget Badore for Planoly x The Style Line


The Planoleaders series features creatives making their marks in a variety of fields, all using social media to get ahead. 



Listen in as alumni share stories about how their careers have evolved and how key intersections of experience, opportunity, and alumni connections have propelled them to where they are today. Find out what these alumni have done right and wrong and what they’ve learned at each intersection along the way.

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Elana lyn

Elana Lyn is a professional and personal development resource that provides millennial women with actionable job search, career, lifestyle, and wellness advice.  Her Career Profile series shares the stories and career paths of women she admires.

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everything speaks

Everything Speaks is a podcast hosted by Lee Caraher that shares insight about the modern workplace, email etiquette, public speaking tips, work-life balance and of course #millennials



xoNecole is a place where positive images of women of color flourish, where life, work, travel, and fashion intersect.