New Years always makes me feel quite conflicted. A part of me loves the idea of a fresh start, a new chance to set goals and reflect on progress and embrace sentimentality. Still, a part of me is frustrated by the arbitrary beginning—what makes January 1st the only day we should all set goals for ourselves? Teachers and mentors throughout my life have taught me the importance of goals, and I try not to let any aspect of my life move forward without any way of recording progress or challenges. 

To live at ease with both of those parts, I've come up with a New Years compromise: while avoiding a specific resolution, I've promised myself to generally take better care of myself. It's general, yes, but it encompasses everything I would have resolved to do anyways without setting a distinct number-based goal. I'm not setting out to become a new me, or to change my life drastically simply because it's now 2017. I'm just reminding myself of what I sometimes forget—taking care of oneself is a full-time job that isn't selfish. 

I'm going to spend time doing things that make me happy and healthy—like running, yoga, exploring NYC, and traveling. But I'm also going to do the things that make me simply happy—bake, write, spend nights in, get my nails done, and drink wine with my girlfriends. There isn't a distinct 'can' or 'can't' do list for my New Year—it's inclusive and flexible.

The lovely Troian Bellisario once said, "I believe in waking up every day and taking a good step toward health and honoring your body." THAT is the kind of focus I want to have in this new year and for many more beyond it.

What was your resolution—or did you skip setting one this year? Let me know in the comments!