Celebrating My Two-Year Forbes-iversary


Just about exactly two years ago, I began a role that at a company that has transformed work into an adventure that feels like i's never going to get stale. 

When I began at Forbes, I was an assistant social media editor, diligently running our Twitter account and building toward a goal of 10 million followers. Two years later, I no longer manage the day to day account, but we're up to almost 15M and it's been a joy to watch the strategy grow and improve over time.

So has our team: once a small but mighty group, now we're almost to double digits and stronger than ever before. There's nothing more wonderful than being a part of a team that genuinely enjoys working together, believes in each other and pushes for the best work all around—and I cherish the memories made and ahead of the Forbes social team. 

In the past two years, I've traveled across the country and back, to San Francisco, Minneapolis, Boston and more to come. I've met (and interviewed) the most incredible people: Sterling K. Brown, Melissa McCarthy, Michael Phelps, and too many more to name. I've experimented with things (our Periscope presence began with me playing around on the platform) and grown leaps and bounds as a leader, interviewer, colleague and all-around working woman. 

When I look back, I can't help but reminisce fondly at the big moments that are highlighted forever in my memory—Diddy taking selfies on my phone at our Centennial celebration, exploring the craziness of SXSW, early morning list launches and viral tweets... but what doesn't escape me is the general feeling of success and longevity that comes with an anniversary of any sort. Almost every day for years I have commuted across states to the same office. Almost every day I have logged onto a computer and transformed into an online representative of a major publication. Almost every day I have dealt with challenges, wins, countless emails and meetings, and tiny moments that build up to a job that I'm proud to hold and have built up over time. 

Just looking at how far my favorite project has come makes me emotional—this is the kind of place that let me pitch, launch, and maintain a brand new series that has grown leaps and bounds and doesn't seem to be stopping anytime soon. 

It's not been perfect—I don't believe any job can be. But I've stuck it out through the tough times,  embraced the good ones, and plan to continue doing so until the next anniversary and the one after that. 

I might roll my eyes about commuting to Jersey City now and then, but truth be told, it gives me a new perceptive on the city I've chosen to call home. Looking across the water at a skyline that never gets old, I'm reminded of the immense beauty and power of New York City and how lucky I am to be a part of it. Same goes for Forbes. 


Some highlights I need to share: