The Power of Female Friendship

Women who support women really are incredible, aren’t they?


This weekend I had the chance to attend Create & Cultivate NYC, one of my favorite events for so many reasons (the speakers! the activations! the inspiration!). As luck would have it, I woke up the morning of the event with a fever and a killer headache, but I was determined to push through and fulfill the commitment I had made. Like the universe knew I needed some magic to get through the day, it provided—in the form of friendship. Bear with my as I pay homage to the wonderful women who helped get me through this day (and many others).


Within the first hour of being at the event, I ran into the bundle of joy that is Maxie McCoy. I knew I’d find Maxie at the event, and even though we had just caught up a few weeks ago, her boundless energy and unbridled joy still stops me in my tracks. Maxie’s the kind of friend (and dare I say mentor?) who never stops listening, never stops asking for more, never doubts. Watching her pave her path in the years since I’ve known her has many times inspired me to pave my own. [If you haven’t read her book yet, what are you waiting for?]

I of course ran into Jaclyn Johnson, the woman behind the whole Create & Cultivate phenomenon, and as always, she greeted me with a hug and gratitude that I had come. How does someone who has so much responsibility, so much to do on the day of her own event, take the time to catch up with me? It blows my mind—but Jaclyn is no ordinary person, as I well know. She truly cares about what she’s building, and that shows in every relationship she builds along the way. [Just check out Create & Cultivate - you’ll see what I mean.]


Amidst the craziness of the green room a few hours later, I got a hug from Noor Tagouri—someone I am eternally grateful to have met by chance years ago. Get this: she’s a speaker at the event, being asked for interviews and prepping to go on stage. Yet the first conversation we have? She wants to know how I’m doing, what I’m working towards, how can she help me. When I tell you Noor has grown through grace in the years I’ve known her, this is what I mean. [Her Twitter bio is ‘at your service.’ She means it. ]

At the risk of going on too long, I rest my case—surrounding myself with brilliant, bold women isn’t something I knew I was doing when I moved to NYC almost four years ago. But I am beyond grateful that I have—because even when I think I can’t make it through the day, they lift me up. I hope someday in the future I can return the favor.