It's Finally Happening

I've long resisted starting a personal blog—believe me, I know there's a content overload online. What could I possibly offer that's more unique and worth reading than the millions of blogs that are already out there?

Well, if you're wondering what changed my mind, it was this constantly churning, never-silent mind of mind. Part of the reason I have been drawn to become a writer is the endless stream of words that fills my thoughts, and the more I resist putting pen to paper (or, obviously, fingers to keyboard), the more jumbled those thoughts become. 

I also tend to avoid the cliche 'New Years Resolution' crept, but timing just worked out this time, so I'll let it slide. 

Welcome to My Thoughts—subject and frequency of posts TBD. This will be an experiment in sharing some of my adventures around NYC and the globe, and a way to determine what drives me as I continue to transform my post-grad life into a real world.