'Now Reading...' Vol. 3

It’s been too long since I wrote about what’s happening in my world of books—but as I posted on my Instagram this week, I’m as reading-focused as ever before.

Commute Read:

Talk like TED by Carmine Gallo

I’m trying to be much more intentional about what I do during my commute. Instead of scrolling through my phone or staring aimlessly, I’m picking up practical skills that will help me in my job and beyond. Highly recommend for anyone who’d like to improve their public speaking efforts.

Travel Read:

The Nix by Nathan Hill

I’m heading to London this week for a quick work trip, and I’m excited to have a captivating book to bring with me. I’ve heard great things about this one—even from the @Feed Instagram account!

Bedtime Read:

Cold Mountain by Charles Frazier

This book came out decades ago, and it’s one of those reads that seems like it’s ‘always’ on my list. Well, now that I’m about halfway into it, I see why. It’s a description-filled journey where you want to know more about the characters and what motivates them with every page you read.

Book Club Read:

The Library Book by Susan Orlean

I’m finally in a book club! I’ve been talking about starting one for years, and my dear friend Barrie put a group together that I’m so excited about. It helps that within the first pages of this book, I was wanting to read it all over again. A deeply investigated non-fiction about the fire that burned down the L.A. public library in 1986, it’s a mix of journalistic skill and captivating storytelling.

Long-Term Read: 

The Way to the Spring: Life and Death in Palestine by Ben Ehrenreich

This has been a slow reading process, for a few reasons: first, because it’s a traumatic and challenging experience just to read about what the people of Palestine go through. Second, because I’m learning—I’m expanding my knowledge of what is happening daily, almost a world away, and what it means for not just Palestinians, but the rest of the world.